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BFrame: A Brief History

BFrame Data Systems was incorporated in Georgia in June of 1990. The company began by providing consulting services to First Financial Management in the transition of DATAMATX to FFMC’s data center. The following summer the company wrote the core BFrame Recovery System to support Account Portfolios’s acquisition of troubled student loan assets from the government. The system ran on a 486 computer, servicing hundreds of dedicated terminals with mainframe style ‘green screens.’

Through the 1990s, the core platform was client-server based, serving hundreds of terminals from a small central server. During this period the company added the Agency Management and Department of Education modules. In addition, the company won many key clients who remain customers to this day.

In 2003, BFrame embraced the internet, introducing a browser-based client, replacing its proprietary terminal emulation client with Microsoft Internet Explorer. IE provided a friendly user experience while also reducing administrative overhead, since there was no longer a need for proprietary client software on every user’s desk.

In 2005, the back end database was converted from a proprietary format to Microsoft SQL. Leveraging the power of SQL with the BFrame business logic makes for a highly flexible and scalable platform.

In 2006, BFrame offered its first hosted solution, which frees customers from having to maintain their own server environments. By using a so-called ‘cloud-based’ approach, BFrame offers customers the ability to focus entirely on collecting money rather than managing software. The system, hosted in a tier I data facility, is easy to upgrade and scales up or down instantly.

After more than 20 years in business, BFrame Recovery System is a reliable, proven solution with many loyal, long standing customers both large and small. If you are considering collections software, you should consider BFrame.