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System Overview

The BFrame Recovery Management System is comprised of five sub-systems which are interrelated but can be executed independent from each other. The sub-systems are:

Collections Management SystemThis sub-system performs most of the processes involved in the management of debt collection and recovery from in-house operations to managing outside agencies.
Agency Management System Manages relationships with external debt collection agencies, including account assignment, tracking and reporting.
QuickSelect This is an SQL sub-system that enables quick and efficient interface with the data stored via both the Collections Management and Agency Management System. The Quick Select sub-system allows ad hoc queries and reports to be generated against the available data.
ViewMaker This sub-system permits creation of new SQL tables using information from two or more existing SQL tables.
QuickLoad This sub-system allows the user to incorporate non-BFrame data files into the BFrame Database and associate the data with existing accounts real time.
Automated Account Manager This manager enables the user to define conditions that govern the automated movement of accounts and data within BFrame Recovery Management System.
Dynamic Data Display This module gives the user the ability to create custom fields, which are then instantly accessible to the collector.