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BFrame provides a full feature set right out of the box, without having to install or pay for ‘optional’ add-ons. The system is fully scalable, able to support just a couple of users or thousands of users with no performance impairment.

Our system represents 20 years of improvement and refinement, making it highly user friendly, efficient, and stable. Because the whole system runs on a server, it is easier to manage and secure. All your user PC’s require is Windows Internet Explorer and a network connection. All updates to the system are made on the server, with no need to update client software or for any action by the users.

Core Functionality

BFrame’s Recovery Management System gives you the ability to organize and manage your accounts with maximum effectiveness. It supports:

  • Collections Management
  • Agency Management
  • Online Help Menus
  • Standardized Interfaces
  • Statements and Bill Creation
  • Letter Writing
  • Field-level auditing

You are able to take responsibility for the success of your organization, thus the power of the Recovery Management system is at your fingertips. Our clients are therefore able to establish:

  • Rules-based processing
  • Reporting (standard or custom queries)

The Recovery Management System has strong agency management functionality and will cater your needs whether you are an agency or dispense accounts out to agencies. It supports:

  • Flexible fee rates
  • Multiple interest rates
  • Automated assignments and Recalls
  • Reconciliation reporting
  • Agency performance management
  • System of Record capability
  • Portfolio segmentation
  • Debt sale management and support

The system provides both debt collection and recovery capabilities that can be put to use in many industries, including:

  • Student Loans
  • Consumer Loans
  • Medical accounts
  • Commercial Loans
  • Utility and Telecom accounts