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Integrated Real Time Payments

Schedule one-time and recurring ACH, credit and debit card payments directly within BFrame and receive real-time authorization from the Payment Vision Gateway.

  • Token-Based Future-Dated Payments: Process future-dated payments without storing card or bank account data. Payment Vision’s token-based method of storing financial account data provides a simplified path to PCI compliance.
  • Self-Service Payment Windows: Collect payments 24x7 via the web and interactive voice response. Collected payments import into BFrame without key stroke entry.
  • SAS 70 Type II, PCI-Compliant Payment Hub: Whether payments are captured via voice broadcast campaign, outbound IVR, the web or via an agent, Payment Vision allows you to centrally manage all payments in a SAS-70 Type II, PCI-compliant hosted environment.

We provide real time payment services through our partner, Payment Vision.

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