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BFrame’s mission is to deploy software that enables collections companies to operate at their best. We work closely with each customer to ensure their success, since success for our customer is success for BFrame. Our proven software is continuously improved based on customer feedback and technology trends, resulting in solutions that are easy to use, reliable, and easy to pay for.


BFrame continuously monitors the industry for changes to rules and regulations that need to be integrated into our system. We understand the importance of compliance so that our customers can adhere to all relevant regulations and requirements daily. From national to state policies, BFrame responds by integrating new logic to both emphasize and execute these polices on a system level. We also specialize in custom client requirements that our agencies are required to follow. These customizations range from simple to complex and help keep our customers in compliance without impacting performance.

  • FDCPA Regulations
  • FISMA Regulations
  • Custom client requirements such as cell phone suppression and special reporting
  • SAS70
  • ITIL Compliance
  • Network Security standards
  • PCI standards for real time payment processing