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BFrame’s mission is to deploy software that enables collections companies to operate at their best. We work closely with each customer to ensure their success, since success for our customer is success for BFrame. Our proven software is continuously improved based on customer feedback and technology trends, resulting in solutions that are easy to use, reliable, and easy to pay for.

Software Development Methodology

BFrame’s Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) emphasizes decision processes that influence system cost and usefulness. These decisions must be based on full consideration of business processes, functional requirements, and economic and technical feasibility in order to produce an effective system. The primary objectives of BFrame’s SDLC are to deliver quality systems that:

  • meet or exceed customer expectations when promised and within cost estimates
  • work effectively and efficiently within the current and planned information technology infrastructure
  • are inexpensive to maintain and cost-effective to enhance

BFrame’s written SDLC methodology establishes a logical order of events for conducting system development that is controlled, measured, documented, and ultimately improved. One methodology does not fit all sizes and types of system development efforts. Therefore, the BFrame SDLC methodology provides for both a full sequential SDLC work pattern and alternative SDLC work patterns.